K&F Concept Nano X Series Natural Night Filter to Remove Light Pollution



K&F Concept Nano X Series Natural Night Filter to Remove Light Pollution

Multi-layer Anti-reflective CoatingTo Remove Light Pollution
If you are an night photographer then you almost certainly have run into the horrible yellow glow of light pollution or the ugly yellow cast that street lights spread over urban nightscapes. This light pollution and yellow cast can hide stars and mess with the white balance of your scene, then you need this filter to improve photo result.

Keep far away from light pollution when enjoying the wonderful night
As you can see there is a significant difference in the yellow cast caused by the lights of the city. You also have an increase in the contrast of the image, especially in the areas that were washed out by strong nearby street lights. But you will also notice that you have a more magenta sky. Personally, I prefer the magenta sky over the yellow/green sky. But that is also an easy adjustment in post-processing.

Nanometer Coating
The night filter is a glass filter that is coated with a double-sided multi-layer waterproof and oil resistant coating. This reduces ghosting and flaring and also prevents the natural oils on your skin from sticking to and smearing the filter.

  • Nano Multi-Coated, reduces Light Pollution for Crystal Clear Night Skies
  • Ultra Slim Optical Glass Filter
  • Coated on both sides, waterproof, oil resistant, scratch resistant, protect your camera lens
  • No colour cast nor vignetting standard wide angle lenses
  • Frame made of alloy aluminium which border thickness of just 0.15”

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